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Pregnant in Paris, France

It was a hot summer day in Paris when we found out that we were expecting our primier bébé (first baby)…just two months after I visited the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Medaille Miraculeuse. We were pleasantly surprised with this blessing, but admittedly, we were not prepared for unimaginable French procedures and paperwork that we were about to face. As if standing for three hours outside the Prefécture de Police to apply for the Titre Sejour is not enough torture!

So, if you are pregnant in France, and with limited French at that… I hope this blog post will help you. I learned everything the hard way and it is not a pretty situation to be in when your morning sickness is in full swing. I will tell you upfront that there’s a lot to do…but all of them are manageable. I have outlined them below for you in sequence, as I know a pregnant mind is totally fuzzy sometimes and you can’t even understand why…hehehe! Here goes: Read more »