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Insomnia Makes Me Reminisce

I write this post with fondness for years gone by. :)

Whenever I cannot sleep, which is more usual nowadays due to what they call “pregnancy insomnia”, I will myself to think of happy thoughts. And tonight, for some strange reason, I remember watching The Sound of Music over and over again with my cousins — Det and Khrisna. Oh, we watch Annie, too…but I like Sound of Music better because of the songs. I know those songs like the back of my hand…until this very day…I don’t know why!

Looking back, I am surprised at how much those songs have stuck with me through the years. Whenever I am trying to calm myself, even as an adult, I hum Edelweiss. And my bestfriend, Rhen, can attest that I have a little poster of the lyrics of My Favorite Things on my cubicle. I start singing it when people get on my nerves and I want to keep cool. I think I had that posted for 2-3 years, until they implemented 5S and we can no longer have personal effects in our cubicles. :(

But the Sound of Music Song that had always been a personal favorite is Climb Every Mountain. I hum that song in my head when I need to motivate myself for something important…like the Annual President’s Report that I have to write, the Board Presentation that I have to turn in every quarter, and all those other work-stuff that I had to do before. It has worked, I guess, as I have kept my job for seven years. Hihihi! But now that I am no longer working as hard…hahaha…I just enjoy Climb Every Mountain for nights such as tonight, when pregnancy insomnia kicks in and all of Paris is already asleep.

Bonne nuit, tout le monde! :)

Of Love, Cartoons, and a French Song

I love cartoons! Whenever I need a quick fix from my stressful job, and equally stressful studies…oh, I watch cartoons! Let me share with you a short animated cartoonish film which I play over and over again when things are not going so well for me. The story is soooo cute, it does not fail to make me smile. I also love the French song that goes with it…”A quoi ça cert l’Amour?”, sung by Edith Piaf and Theo Sarapo.

As they say, “love is not illogical; it simply has a logic of its own”.


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On the Rocks: University of Oregon’s Premier A Capella Ensemble

For some strange reason, Billy Joel’s “For the Longest Time” was swimming in my head the whole weekend. Giving into the temptation, I looked it up  in YouTube and for a lack of a better thing to do, listened to every available version of the said song. Hehe. Boredom at its best. :)

I just want to share my favorite version of For the Longest Time, courtesy of “On the Rocks“, an all male a capella ensemble of the University of Oregon. After seeing their performance, I just knew that I will soon fly to Oregon to see them perform live. They’re so much fun!!! If you don’t believe me, see the picture below:

University of Oregon's "On the Rocks"

On the Rocks was formed in 1999 by Leonardo Silva, Peter Hollens, and six other University of Oregon students who share a common passion for singing. Read more »

French Song: Tous les garcons et les filles

I find myself humming this song in my idle moments. It’s a french song originally sung by Francoise Hardy in 1962…and for some funny reason, even if the message of the song is quite sad, I find it comforting. Weird? Yeah, I can take it. :)

Just thought I’d share it because it is really quite charming, even if the melody of the song sugarcoats the dire realities of life and love. It’s a bonus, too, that the girl on the video sang it so well and so faithfully close to the original version. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. :) Read more »

Charice Pempengco in Oprah!

Whenever I watch Charice Pempengco in YouTube, she never fails to wow me. In fact, even if she sings the same songs in her various TV appearances, I don’t really mind hearing them over and over again. Oh, I’m such a fan. Why not? She’s a Filipina…like me!

I first saw her in the Ellen Degeneres Show wearing an all black outfit and I cannot believe she’s only 15 years old! Then she went on to sing the Philippine National Anthem in the Invasion:Philippines vs. The World at the Araneta Coliseum wherein even the emcee was blown away. And now…well, she will be in Oprah!

Charice is the first ever Filipina to guest in Oprah Winfrey’s show. However, unlike in the Ellen Degeneres show, Charice does not have the limelight all to herself in this particular guesting, which is perfectly ok. She will appear with other gifted children and the Oprah’s teaser makes me super excited to see them all! I believe this will be aired on May 8, 2008…so mark your calendars!

For those who share my enthusiasm and admiration for Charice Pempengco, I think you’ll enjoy watching (again?) her past international performances. I also included the Oprah’s teaser which got me all excited.

Charice in Ellen Degeneres’ Show:

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Charice Sings the Philippine National Anthem:

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Charice in Oprah’s Teaser Video:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Oh, I’m so proud to be Pinay!