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The Dreams I Dream

A friend once asked me where my thoughts usually go when I let it run free. I told her that it goes all over the world! Honestly, it literally does…

At night, when the kids are all asleep and I can actually think without being interrupted, my mind wanders to all the places in the world that I want my kids to experience. I want to open up the world to them… to introduce them to humanity by allowing them to walk through a nation’s history, by giving them a chance to live a culture other than their own, by speaking languages beyond English and Tagalog so they can freely talk from their hearts. I want them to fathom that love can be so great that it can create an architectural masterpiece such as the Taj Mahal; and that fear can be so overwhelming that man was able to build The Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall. Moreover, I want them to appreciate how truly masterful God’s hands are through diving at the Great Blue Hole in Lighthouse Reef Atoll, by hiking all the way up to the Troll’s Tongue in Norway, or just by staring at the beauty of the Moraine Lake in Alberta.

I dream such dreams at night while holding Maggie and Mea’s hands…hoping that somehow their dreams take them to where their mom’s heart wanders.

Here’s to our world adventure, Maggie and Mea!

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MOMMILIES: BabyCook by Baéba

When my daughter began to show interest in solid food at around 5 months, I was somewhat stressing about it because I am not so fond of cooking. I only cook when there are special occasions, and I always cheat by enlisting my husband’s help in preparing the ingredients! Hehehe! Suffice it to say that I am super fond of green smoothies because they are easy to prepare — I don’t have to cook them! But since my daughter’s digestive system is still developing, green smoothies would be too much for her at the moment. Sigh.

So because I am forced to cook, and I am alone in doing this in our little apartment, I told myself I’d better do it in style. Yeah…in pure french flair! So even though I make it a point not to buy brand new stuff whenever I can for the simple reason that it is cheaper and I could help Mother Earth by recycling, I made an exception and bought BabyCook by Baéba! Yeah, I am spolied. Call me whatever, but I love my BabyCook because it makes me a better mom. (This is my standard answer for all those people who tell me that I can prepare my baby’s meal in a simple pot…hihihi!) Read more »

Mommilies: Natural Remedy for Baby Acne

Thanks to digital photography, our laptop now holds almost a thousand pictures of our daughter, Maggie. My hubby even had to pay for an online storage system so these precious pictures are safely backed-up in case our lowly laptop conks out all of a sudden. :)

However, there was a week in Maggie’s life that we weren’t too eager to take her picture. I think this was when she was just a month old and have developed baby acne. Yup, you’ve read that right — acne! Whoever said that babies have perfect skin is exagerating. Hehehe! Baby acne are reddish, rash-like thingies that appear on your baby’s face and scares the hell out of you! When they appeared on Maggie’s face, I actually started to wonder what I’ve done wrong and if my genes were to blame! Yup, I’ve had all those silly thoughts that keep new moms awake at night. Haha! Read more »

Mommilies: Maiden Post

Let me just blurt it out here once and for all — I miss blogging!!! So here I am, sneaking my maiden blog as a mom — and I assure you there will be more –which I want to aptly label as “mommilies”.

I realized that amidst the joys, chaos, and random demands of motherhood, I must make time to document my journey as a mom. Just so I’ll have something to look back on when my daughter is all grown-up and starts asking me stuff about her childhood. I certainly don’t want to tell her that I already forgot most of it! But I do want to forget the excruciating pain that came with the 23 hours of labor — all because nobody wants to give me an epidural! Oh, that’s another story…I’ll share more on my French-birth experience on another post…hehehe. :)

While I don’t think that I will always be writing about the good stuff of being a mom, I guess the challenging moments of it is still worth celebrating. You can therefore bet that there will be some rants here and there…hehehe! But I am crossing my fingers that they will be far in between. I don’t want to scare anybody…hihihi!

As it is, my daughter is barely two months-old and yet, she has already taught me a lot. And they are actually profound stuff, mind you! Just like those stuff that self-help gurus talk about at great length — oh yeah! Of course, the lessons did not come easy, and I had to learn them while I cry in exasperation and fatigue at the wee hours of the morning. But I want to thank her for teaching me these things anyway:

1. When somebody depends on you and trust you, you strive hard to make yourself dependable and trustworthy. Read more »