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Amazing Find: Travelife Magazine

One rainy weekend, my sister brought home an old magazine which caught my attention. On the front cover, it read, “10 Best French Restaurants (Outside France)”.  Food and France had always been, and will always be, a delightful combination for me. I liken this combination to a freshly baked baguette from a nearby boulangerie (bakery) with a perfectly seasoned pesto. One is no good without the other. :wink:

So, this magazine which caught my undivided attention the whole weekend is Travelife. I tell you, its articles on travel were so diverse it was as if I went continent-hopping while sitting on our good old comfy sofa. The bed weather added drama to my discovery of this wonderful travel magazine. I was so mesmerized with this magazine that I decided then and there that I shall add it to my roster of magazine subscriptions. At present, I am subscribed to Real Living and Yummy, both of which are well-decked with creative inspirations for an otherwise normal girl like me.

What made me super interested in this magazine? I could go on and on about the single issue that I’ve read, but I don’t think that I’ll give enough justice to Travelife magazine. So, I decided to just just lift from their website (verbatim) what you can expect to see in this magazine. Here goes:

From The Editor

Contributors’ Page
Capsule descriptions of some of the writers, photographers, and stylists behind the magazine.

The traveler’s information desk. Useful features, relevant information for the target reader, and press releases tailored to the issue.

Two months’ worth of must-goto events around the world in calendar form.

Style Guide
Pages of travel accessories including bags, laptop cases, passport holders that fit the theme of the magazine. Pages can be sponsored and categorized into:
– Baggage Check: Luggage
– Carry On: Bags to carry onboard the aircraft or ship
– Extras: Other essential travel items such as luggage tags, passport holders, etc
– Accessories: Items to complement one’s outfit
– Vanity Kit: Different beauty and grooming products

What to Wear
Features a personality wearing her recommended outfits for a certain theme, juxtaposed with product photos.

Feature of a prominent frequent traveler. Includes pictures of her favorite travel/vacation spots, grooming or beauty products, tips, some bargain finds or favorite purchases.

Shopping Spree
Short writeups of different shopping destinations and events.

Main Travel Stories
Each issue includes three to four main features on local and foreign destinations by some of the best writers and photographers in the region. Each story includes helpful information such as the exchange rate, time zone, visa requirements and pack essentials.

Off The Beaten Track
A spotlight on an exotic place or trip not on travelers’ usual lists.

Main Fashion
Features the latest fashion trends, photographed and showing off the same destination as the cover.

The featured destination on the cover. Includes a map and comprehensive shopping and sightseeing information: where to stay, what to buy, where to go, what to do.

In-depth article on the hot issues and topics that affect travelers and the tourism industry.

The List
Informative and fun listing of places or events pertaining to a particular theme/destination.

Design & Architecture
Features on the newest architectural wonders.

Feature on hotels, inns, bed & breakfasts.

Spotlight on bars, restos, a cocktail, a dish, or airline menu. Can be a hodgepodge mix or a short feature.

On The Road
Any trip on the road, by car, bike, train, motorcycle.

Photo essays featuring a certain destination or theme.

Embassy Row
Q&A with an ambassador or diplomatic personality.

Business Class
Interview of a prominent, well-traveled businessperson.

Frequent travelers recommend the best places to go, things to do, etc.

Point of View
Commentary on a variety of travel-related topics

Candid conversation with a person in the travel industry

My Life
A diary account of a famous personality’s day-to- day life

Survival Guide
Q&A on important travel topics such as traveling with children, or disabled-friendly holidays.

High Tech
Products feature on different gadgets for travel; page can be sponsored by advertisers.

Mixed Media
Pop culture, celebrity interviews, CD and book reviews, movies, arts & culture page.

Photos of the most popular parties in town.

Shop Guide
Store listings for the different products found in the issue.

The Frequent Flier
Christine Cunanan, the magazine’s publisher talks about her travels.

Isn’t that convenient? It is truly an extensive read for anyone who has traveling as a sport. Hehehe! And what’s more awesome about Travelife is that subscriptions are available all over the world! Again, I quote the following from their website:

Subscription payments can be made via check or bank transfer.
For more details, please contact:
Angelica Tarrayo
Business Development Manager
Travelife/ Tridem Asia Publishing, Inc.
5F, Kalaw-Ledesma Building
117 Gamboa Street, Legazpi Village
Makati City, Philippines 1229
Tel: (+632) 813-8400
(+632) 892-2620
Fax: (+632) 893-7539

HK $530 per year for six issues inclusive of mailing costs.

S $104 per year for six issues inclusive of mailing costs.

AUS $83 per year for six issues inclusive of mailing costs.

J YEN 8,000 per year for six issues inclusive of mailing costs.

EURO 50.00 per year for six issues inclusive of mailing costs.

GB POUNDS 34.00 for six issues inclusive of mailing costs.

UNITED STATES (including Hawaii):
US $68.00 per year for six issues inclusive of mailing costs.

US $68.00 per year for six issues inclusive of mailing costs.

What a great magazine to have as I start an entirely new life. More on this once everything is confirmed in the next few weeks. Until then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my mouth shut tight. Hehehe!


Comment from Ms. Badeth, HSC
Time: August 12, 2008, 3:19 pm

I won’t ask for that secret. I guess I have the idea:-)

Comment from Carissa
Time: August 15, 2008, 8:27 am

Travelife is my favorite magazine too! Especially now that going abroad has become so expensive, I rely on it to give me a feeling of traveling and learning about the world without spending my pesos.

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