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Save Money: Use Vinegar at Home!

I am officially a vinegar fan!

I have read about the versatility of vinegar soooo many times in different Internet sites, but for the life of me, I just don’t have the guts to give up Downy (softener) and Domex (disinfectant) for our good old vinegar. It’s just too weird, right? :D

Well, now that I have a baby and I want to live up to 100, I am slowly and steadily getting rid of chemicals at home. So yeah, I seriously looked into the vinegar alternative. But still, I didn’t get on with it as soon as I want to…for the simple reason that I don’t want to stink…hehehe!

1. Vinegar as a Softener

My dear Tita Vicky plunged head on and used vinegar for her laundry just to appease me…and viola! It really does work like magic! After that, I went straight to the supermarch√© and bought a liter of “vinaigre crystal”. I am not sure what it is called in other countries, I guess just plain “vinegar”. Just make sure you buy the clear, transparent vinegar, not the cloudy one which we call “sukang puti” in the Philippines. I poured half a cup of vinegar in the washing machine’s slot for softener and loaded the machine with 3 kilos of laundry. I was half expecting the whole apartment to smell sour…hehe. I was so happy that my laundry came out smelling clean and super soft! Our clothes were so easy to iron, too! I also read that chemical softeners lessen the absorbency of our towels, so I guess this is another reason to switch to vinegar. :)

2. Vinegar as Disinfectant

Another vinegar experience I have is using it as a disinfectant for our hardwood floor. I am such an OC freak when it comes to our floor because my daughter is now learning to crawl and would usually explore beyond her playmat. After vacuuming the entire apartment, I wet a rag, add a sprinkle of vinegar on the wet rag, and wipe the entire floor with it. Yay, squeaky-clean floors! I killed a gazillion bacteria, too! Promise, it doesn’t smell that bad. Just air out your home for a minute or two and all the vinegar smell will be gone.

Oh, I also disinfect my daughter’s toys by wiping them with water and vinegar. I have to disinfect everything in sight because she puts everything in her mouth!

3. Vinegar as Tub, Sink, and Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The apartment where we live in has a plain white tub, sink, and toilet bowl. So yeah, I can see well the build-up of dirt and grime…and it tortures me no end! My hubby does the toilet cleaning, and this is what he does:

To remove grime and dirt on the tub and sink, he sprinkles generous amount of baking soda and spray it with water (careful not to wash it down the drain). He leaves it for a few minutes, then wets a sponge and rubs the tub and sink with the baking soda. He rinses them with water. To disinfect, he dips the sponge in vinegar and wipes the tub and sink with it. He then finally rinse and dry them thoroughly. Yeah, sparkling white tub and sink! Even the faucets sparkle!

For the toilet bowl, he disinfects the entire thing by rubbing vinegar on it. What amazes me is how vinegar removes the discoloration in the bowl! My hubby will first push out the water in the bowl so tahat it’ll go down the tube. He does this using the toilet bowl brush. When the water is mostly gone, he will pour vinegar in the bowl, leave it for an hour or two, then flush! The whole bowl is white! No traces of any discoloration…as if the bowl hasn’t been used at all. Aaahh, I adore vinegar. :)

So there…I just wanted to share my vinegar experience in case somebody else out there wants to live up to 100! Heehee! And for only a few cents per liter, vinegar is sure a cheap, health-friendly, earth-loving way to do your usual chores. I just love green living!

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