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Vieux Chalet

This is one entry you shouldn’t miss if you’re a food addict. Seriously.

Do you know of that particular stress that comes to you every year when your spouse’s birthday is just around the corner? When you’re like so dead set on finding a really good restaurant for his/her birthday and you feel like you just can’t go wrong; not on this particular day of all days, at least. Gosh, I’ve had that oh-so-familiar stress since 1997, the year I met my husband. Sigh. Smile. Whatever.

I must have read close to 30 food and travel blogs, forums on datable places, secret hideaways, and the likes, in my search of a really special resto for my favorite pet, Papa Mike. My research keeps on pointing on one particular restaurant — Vieux Chalet, a Swiss restaurant nestled in Taktak, Antipolo.

Vieux Chalet has consistently earned raves from bloggers, food critics, and food addicts. And so, without further ado, I booked a table for two in this quaint resto in Antipolo. To my delight, it was the owner who replied to my email, and I was doubly impressed because she took the time to give me feedback on my special requests — use of their swimming pool, massage appointments for two, and a mini-birthday cake. The owner, Mrs. Susan Hassig, was so accommodating of my every request that I felt comfortable enough to call her Tita Susan even before we met…hihihi!

We didn’t have a hard time finding Vieux Chalet even if it’s not on the main road since their website gave clear directions on how to get there. When I stepped in front of its gate, I must admit that my initial impression of the place is nothing out of the ordinary. But you know, the place seems to grow on you. While waiting for our orders, I took in the restaurant’s unique charm, the warm accommodation that its owner lavishes on every guest, the sincere help that the waiter extends to first timers who cannot make up their minds on what to order, the vibrant colors of the resto’s interiors, and the view of the distant metropolis. Moreover, when our food arrived and we took our first bite…I just knew that I just became a Vieux Chalet fan. There’s no turning back.

I must warn you, though, that their price is somewhat steep. But I encourage you to look beyond your budgets just this once as the gastronomic experience is truly priceless. Allow me to rave about what we ate at Vieux Chalet…

We started our meal with their very colorful Garden-Fresh Mixed Vegetable Salad at P345. Surprised? I warned you. But never mind, their home-made vinaigrette makes this salad worthwhile. Not to mention that the serving is quite generous.

And because it’s my hubby’s birthday, we ordered no less than the specialty of the house — the Lamb Shoulder. It comes with either herb rice or a plate of rosti, all for P725, good for two adults. I must tell you, they’ve put something in this dish, what they call Cafe de Paris Sauce…and it’s simply spectacular! I have never tasted anything like it! The waiter told us that it’s a special butter-based sauce with lots of herbs. Whatever it is, it’s unforgettable. I highly recommend the Lamb Shoulder to anybody who goes to Vieux Chalet. If you’re out to impress your date, this dish will do the trick. Hihihi!

Since my hubby is a voracious eater, he was not contented with the herb rice. With a little prodding from the very helpful waiter, he also ordered Rosti on the side. It’s a swiss-style potato, much like Mc Donald’s hash brown, but it’s laid out flat on a plate. It’s a perfect side dish for the Lamb Shoulder, and is quite a delight at P185.

And now, let me introduce you to the Lemongrass Cooler. At first, I was skeptical to order this, but the waiter was quite adamant in saying that this is another house specialty and people take this home by the liter. And so, we ordered Lemongrass Coolers for ourselves at P58.50 each. And after one sip, I just knew, I’d take home a liter of this drink… just like all the others. Hihihi! And so, we ended up with two glasses each. Of course, the waiter was so pleased with himself. I cannot blame him.

And finally, to end our sumptuous lunch, we ordered coffee. I had enough adventure for one day, and so I only ordered your regular Italian Brewed Coffee at P88.50. They gave me mascovado sugar and creamer and I was pleased and content with my coffee. The birthday boy, however, was in an adventurous mood, and ordered Coffee Amaretto at P145.50. Amaretto is your almond-flavored liqueur of Italian origin, and I guess this gave the ordinary brewed coffee that much needed kick to make it extra-ordinary. And according to Mike, who is not a coffee drinker by the way, he would definitely miss this kind of coffee in his everyday life.

So there, that was my unforgettable Vieux Chalet experience. I am definitely encouraging you to have your own Vieux Chalet experience… it’s like experiencing a piece of heaven without actually dying. :wink:

Added Amenities:

They have massage services, but make sure you book in advance.
They have a swimming pool that guests can use for a minimal fee.
They have accommodations good for two and a bigger room for family use…good for overnight use.
Oh, they do accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

How to Get to Vieux Chalet: (lifted from their website)

Route 1:

If you re coming from Ortigas Center, you can take Ortigas Avenue going up to Antipolo. Taktak Road To Ortigas Avenue Extension. Turn left before the island. Then you hit another island across which is a gas station, USA88. Turn left before the island. It is the first corner. Then keep driving but take the right side because the road forks once more. Drive down the road and you will see the Ark of Villa Christina. Go through the ark and drive down keeping left. You will see immediately the Purok Sampaguita gate. Go in and keep moving on the road to turn right at the second corner. Drive up into this winding road past Villa Cristina resort and soon enough you will see Vieux Chalet’s road stand signboard. They are at the first corner to your left.

Route 2:

You can also take Marcos highway heading for Masinag Market (way past the Sta. Lucia commercial complex). Once you hit Masinag, turn right into Sumulong Highway. The road winds up to Antipolo City passing Valley Golf, Good Shepherd Retreat House, Richdale, MMLDC training Center, until you hit the first corner – that’s the circumferential road of Antipolo. Turn right. This heads for Hinulugang Taktak. Just before you get there, the first corner to the right is the road with the Villa Cristina Ark. Turn right into it and this would take you to the Purok Sampaguita gate, and follow directions as above.

Contact Info:

Mrs. Susan Hassig, Owner
Landline # : 697-0396
Mobile # : 0917-8565175
Email Address :


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