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Katipunan Restos: Ken Afford

Katipunan Avenue in Loyola Heights QC has a certain pull on me…to the point of nostalgia. I spent my idle summers in high school at the Ateneo as a Summer Enrichment Program student, my college days in Miriam, and my graduate school days in UP Diliman. I even worked in Ateneo upon graduation, frequented its grade school pool for a time, and every now and then, I still put on my running shoes in the evening to run on the Ateneo grounds. Now, that’s quite a number of reasons to feel attached to this lively road, isn’t it?

The many years I’ve spent along Katipunan gave me the opportunity to sample its many restos…from the hole in the wall carinderias to the fine dining restaurants. Name a Katipunan resto and I’ll tell you my favorite dish there, price included, plus a running commentary. Hihihi!

Now, I happen to have an opportunity to eat in my two favorite Katipunan restos this weekend…again. And while I think they are no secrets to most people, I just want to have a post about them just so I will not forget these places when I’m old, wrinkled, and Alzheimer-stricken. Hihihi! I will do two separate posts for them so I can give them proper reviews. Naks!

Allow me to rave about Ken Afford. Actually, I want to rave about their Sisig Ala Domeng! While it kills my dad that I eat this dish, I just can’t help but order it whenever I’m at good old Ken Afford. Gosh, for P110 you can have a wonderful sisig that 2 – 3 people can share. No kidding! It’s a good deal if you are a student on a budget…so don’t forget to bring your barkada along. Their sisig has a lot of the killer chicharon, no liver bits which I actually hate, and it has a fresh egg on top! Hot sauce and Knorr seasoning are provided too so you can adjust the taste of the dish. Here, drool over their Sisig Ala Domeng:

For my dad’s sake, we also ordered Camaron Rebosado. And it’s a winner too at P140. Unlike the usual camaron that I get to order elsewhere wherein the shrimp could hardly be found, this one is full of shrimp! You won’t get shortchanged when you order this dish and it’s yummy too. My dad seldom gives compliments for fried food, but this one is an exemption. My mom was actually surprised that my dad said it’s really good, and so she decided to partake of the camaron, which she totally ignored early on. Hihihi!

Oh, they also have more than the usual soft drinks. And for us non-drinkers of carbonated drinks, this is heaven! We ordered mango shake, black sago’t gulaman, and mango iced tea. For P30 pesos each, it’s not bad at all.

I used to indulge guiltlessly in sisig. I miss those times when I don’t give a damn about cholesterol.  Maybe next time I visit Ken Afford, I will leave my dad to chill at Starbucks. Hihihi! I’m such a bad girl. All for the love of sisig…tsk, tsk, tsk.

Just for the record…Ken Afford is located along B. Gonzales Street corner Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. They do deliver within the Katipunan area for a minimum of P120 order. Call them at 433-3575 and 401-6208. By the way, they do not accept credit cards. Make sure you have money; else, you’ll wash all those sisig pans! Hihihi!


Comment from manny
Time: April 9, 2008, 10:56 am

hehehe nice one..

i think mike and ricci brought me, ge and marc here when i thought we’re on our way to Manang’s :D

yeah food is good and really cheap :D (syempre may work na ako, pero kun wala pa ako work sasabihin ko na medyo out of my budget or ok lang :)) ) :D

Comment from jaypee
Time: April 10, 2008, 8:48 am

i’d love to try the mango ice tea drink and how i miss a glass of mango shake! haha…mango drinks taste way different here…

Comment from monette
Time: April 10, 2008, 10:38 pm

manny…you should go for a second visit!

jaypee…tsk, tsk, tsk…this calls for a visit to the philippines! ikaw kasi…iniwanan mo kami. ayan, sabik ka tuloy sa mangga! hihihi!

Comment from Clariza Aiza
Time: April 14, 2008, 5:22 pm

Ms. Monette,

nakakagutom ung picture…libre naman.. hehehe=)

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