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ADB’s Executive Dining Room

Just a few minutes ago, I was trying to count how many close friends I’ve made in my entire life. And guess what, I came up with just a little more than 15; half of them coming from FEU – East Asia College where I spent seven long years. I must admit, I am choosy with friends. I don’t know, I must be weird. :)

This post is  special to me since this is the first time that I didn’t pay for the meals that I ate and I’m blogging about. Hahaha! But what makes it more memorable to me is that this post was a spin-off of my lunch date with my super-close-friend-almost-sister, Rhen.

Rhen used to be my partner in the Executive Director’s Office; a friend, an adviser, and a mother rolled into one. I think we spent roughly five years sitting side-by-side behind our intimidating desk at EDO, giving us enough time to know each other’s life stories from cover to cover. This is the reason why her face is plastered all over my Friendster account, and I’m her daughter Elise’s honorary aunt. Ahahaha! When Rhen moved to the Asian Development Bank, she regaled me with stories about its grand library that has a Starbucks in it, its cafeteria with intercontinental cuisines, and its over-kill security measures. So you can understand my excitement when she asked me to have lunch with her at no less than ADB’s Executive Dining Room!

Ok, the security was definitely an over-kill. I have to put my bag and even the copy of Readers’ Digest I’m holding through their x-ray machine…at two entry points, mind you. I was asked to go through a panel which would detect if I have guns or explosives with me. I half expected a dog to sniff me or be asked to remove my shoes or something. :)

Finally, we got to ADB’s Executive Dining Room, and wow, was it a sight! It has glass panels at all sides so I can actually see the garden from where we were sitting. I was tickled to see that they have a bar and a rolling dessert cart. Yum! They carry a wide-range of menu, probably to cater to the different tastes of the foreigners working there, which I think, is roughly 2,000 in all…outnumbering Filipinos.

I ordered RDJ’s Hot Pork Ribs Rack with Sweet BBQ Sauce, and Rhen ordered Crispy Tofu with Seafood. Now you can see who’s health conscious and who’s not. Ahahaha! Our meals, as you can decipher from their names alone, were delicious! My hot pork ribs were tender and flavorful. The vinaigrette that goes with the vegetable salad has just the right kick in it; not too sour and not to sweet. Here are the pictures of our meals:

But of course, we had dessert! Rhen had Mango Custard Cake, while I had Walnut Pie in an effort to save my diet. I will not have to tell you if they were heavenly or not; just look at the pictures below:

I guess next time you’re invited over to the Asian Development Bank, don’t settle for the cafeteria…dine at the Executive Dining Room. It’s a simple pleasure that one shouldn’t miss.

Thank you, Rhen, for this wonderful treat! :)

Rhen Tayangona, who keeps a day job at the Asian Development Bank, is an accomplished writer. Check out Readers’ Digest, November 2008 issue, to read a sample of her work. Or just click this: The Grand in Grandmother

Rhen is mother to Elise and Chloe, a wife to Allan, and a must-have friend to me.


Comment from Huckleberry
Time: November 21, 2008, 9:50 pm

That’s yummy umm umm. Btw, I read Ms. Rhen’s article and it was so good, so inspiring. It made me remember the time i took photos of my lola and we were not even close back then. That’s the most memorable time i have with her. And now it makes me feel like crying i miss her huhuhu. I shouldn’t wasted the time when she was with me.

I love your writings mam, keep on writing.

Comment from Ms. Badeth, HSC
Time: December 19, 2008, 9:47 am

Hi girl! Mouth-watering pics, indeed! I also found Rhen here :-)

When are you coming over? The book is still with me.

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