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Who’s on YouTube?

I love YouTube for the simply reason that I hate following written recipes. I’d rather see the meals prepared in front of me, which makes YouTube recipe videos quite a treat — I guess I’m one of those visual types. :) But hey, I recently changed my diet and I am no longer eating cooked food as much as before…so I had to explore YouTube further just to preserve its appeal to me. Hehehe!

As expected, there are a lot of videos about famous people there, but I didn’t realize that some of them actually signed up for an official YouTube page! After a quick browse, I found three interesting people who have official YouTube pages:

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

His Excellency Barack Obama

Interesting…interesting. I wonder who else who’s on the same league as these people has his/her own YouTube page? Hmnnnn… :)

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