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Mother’s Day Post

Mother’s Day this year is on May 12, 2013…but my gift arrived 2 months well in advance, with a simple note from my husband…delivered by an obviously-in-a-hurry fedex guy. :)

I’ve always knew that Michael is a very thoughtful gift-giver. He is not one to lavish me with expensive gifts, but I find that he always manages to pick out a gift that celebrates where I am in my life at that moment. And true to form, as I went through the pages of the book he gave me, I am blessed by wisdom that has been earned by a mother who have already lived the life that I am living now.

Katrina Kenison’s book, “The Gift of an Ordinary Day”, is a gift to behold for moms like me who are in the middle of raising young souls. Often, I second-guess myself with the daily decisions I make…whether it is about volunteering to be a stay-at-home mom or to turning down (yet again) a client because I want to honour our playtime hours. Sometimes I wonder, if I am losing everything that I ever was by making my young family the centre of my life? And this book confirms it…I do lose everything of my old self to make way for a life that is more than I ever hoped for.

I am thankful that my years are no longer defined by promotions and pay increases, but by heartfelt thank you’s of a 3-year old and soft kisses of a 1-year old who just can’t say thank you yet. I am blessed that my mornings are no longer spent sipping tea in peace, but in total happy chaos as my kids eat their breakfast with gusto. I am humbled that my hours are no longer as important back when I was meeting deadlines left and right, but they are precious now to my young daughters who can’t seem to get enough of “mommy”.

I guess I am writing this now, and posting Katrina Kenison’s excerpt reading below, to remind myself to cherish ordinary days with my young daughters while they seem to stretch out endlessly in front of me…because they are not actually endless. In fact, these days are all gone too soon…but I at least want to have tons of happy memories to relive in my heart over and over again.

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