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Mama Turns 59!

Today, the most important woman in my life turns 59 — my mom! I feel very blessed that I haven’t missed any one of her birthdays — even now that I live halfway across the world from her. What do you know, she had to come here in France to help me through the first bouts of motherhood and the timing is just right — she gets to spend her birthday here in Paris! But knowing mama, it’s not Paris that thrills her, but the fact that she’s spending her birthday with her first grandchild. :)

You see, my mom is the simplest person I know. She reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi, who owned only three things: a piece of cloth to wear, glasses for reading, and a notebook to write in. My mom doesn’t have much and has never wanted much. She doesn’t even wear earrings, nor does she wear a watch. She doesn’t have a make-up kit like all the other moms I know. She doesn’t even have a bank account on her name, nor a driver’s license. Thinking of how little she has does not make me sad for her. In fact, I envy her simplicity because it doesn’t take much to make her happy. It must be really liberating to be in such state.

I remember that my mom told me once that her only wish in life is for me and my sister to always be healthy, happy, and at peace. I jokingly told her that it will be nice if we are wealthy too! Hehe! But seriously thinking about it now, I am not sure if I actually want to have all those money. I might get used to a pampered / luxurious life and always worry how my life will be if the money runs out. Then, I would be forced to work very hard to maintain my wealth, and literally miss out on the more important things in life. I think I’d be much happier if I’m rich in experience, abundant with family time, and not lacking in love — just like my mom.

To my dearest mama…happy birthday! I wish that I will never ever miss celebrating any of your birthdays with you. This might be difficult now that we live in different continents, but I trust that the Lord have seen how you have dedicated your whole life to us, and will bless you with the gift of our company on your special day…year after year.

We love you, mama! Next year…Papa, Terry, Mike, Maggie, and I will celebrate your 60th birthday together in Canada! I just know it! :)

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