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Love, Love, Love, Love…Crazy Love

I grew up with the Gboys as my extended family. These crazy guys from Ateneo are like brothers to my husband, and so they are family to me as well. They spent four eventful years in high school together…so you can just imagine the bond and the love they have for each other. Eventually, a lot of them got married…and some are still getting married. And this post is about the video that some Gboys (including my hubby…what a surprise!) filmed for their beloved classmate, Gibby, who got married to Sab last March 28, 2009. My hubby decided to be part of this video because we know that we won’t be able to go to their wedding as we are already en route to Europe on that day. I watched the filming of this video — which took a whooping four hours or so (for the love of Gibby and Sab) — but, I’ve never imagined that it’ll turn out this nice, and this crazy!!! The song choice is really meant to be corny to add to the humor…and well, the acting is meant to be “boy band-ish” too. Gosh, I have never laughed so hard…I can imagine how pleasantly surprised Sab was during her wedding day with this being part of the wedding reception program. I mean, who would have thought that they have friends (who are all professionals, by the way) who are willing to be this cheezy?! Hahaha! That’s what friendship and love do, I guess. :)

To Gibby and Sab…we love you and we are soooooooo sorry to have missed your wedding. I sorely missed all of you after watching this video, and it has definitely made me feel lucky to have so much love in my life through you both and the rest of the Gboys family. Indeed, indeed…there is much love to go around.

NOTE: This video was conceptualized and edited by John Unson — a really talented guy. You should hire him! You’d be crazy not to. :)


Comment from Che-Ann
Time: April 13, 2009, 5:35 am

This one is the best!!!
Ang galing ng mga friends ni Kuya Mike! Pwede na po silang maging mga actors sa real music video…wala pa bang kumukuha sa kanila? :))

If I will receive something like this from my friends or from anybody, for sure, maiiyak pa ako sa sobrang touched and matatawa rin… ahahaha… :)

Ang saya nitong video, sobra! Sobrang nakakatouch for the full efforts of their barkada in making that video, & sobrang nakakatuwa din, kasi emote na emote silang lahat dun sa video…
Two thumbs up for this! God bless!!!

Comment from grace
Time: April 14, 2009, 2:07 am

isa lang ang masasabi ko monette….nawala ang respeto ko kay mike! hahahaha….btw josh is sitting on my lap right now and watched it with me….in fairness nalimutan niya si barney! he loved it, too! :-D hope you and mike are doing fine there. miss you guys!!!!

Comment from jaypee
Time: April 30, 2009, 10:20 pm

hi monette! haven’t visited your blog for the longest time, anyway hope you and mike are doing fine over there in france. anyway just want to say, man, this video cracks me up everytime i watch it, i’ve seen it for the Nth time and it still makes me laugh, i could have never imagined jak doing all the emote stuff on a video kasi di sya ganun eh, haha, saka namiss ko din lalo sila pag nakakakita ako mga videos naganito, the good old days, masarap na samahan, oh well at least this video still serves as some sort of communication with me??? labo! haha, oh and btw, ako di pa ako preofessional, balik student na naman ako, for the 4th time, and sana last na! haha

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