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A New Chapter Begins

Today, of all days, is the best time to blog. Why? Because my “all-day sickness” has temporarily left me. It must be the baby back ribs I ate for dinner. :)

Oh let me share the good news: I AM PREGNANT! — for real! My family and friends can’t believe it, and neither can I at first. My husband was actually in denial for a few weeks, he said that my supposedly hard tummy must be a combination of gas and poop! What a meanie! But when all the pregnancy test kits showed double lines, he quietly took a seat in a corner and stared at me like I’m some sort of an alien. Did I tell you that men can have the most horrible reactions at the momentous events of your life?! Oh, but he has been a sweetheart after he recovered from the shock…he now cooks my meals, does the laundry, does the ironing, prepares my fruits, etc. Hihihi! If there’s anything I love about this phase in my life, it’s my princess-mode. :)

As I am writing this, my baby is 8 weeks and 4 days old. I think he or she must be the size of a cherry now. My little cherry, apparently, likes Filipino food. I crave for palabok, chicharon, siopao, sisig, lugaw, and all other pinoy food that are not found here in baguette country! And my timing is incredible…it’s either 2:00 in the morning, or when it’s raining really hard. I tried to substitute these cravings with the wonderful french cuisine that are within my armslength, but for some weird reason, I find them repulsive now. My usual french cuisine favorites no longer appeal to my tastebuds and I started to think that they smell funny! Everything smells funny when you are pregnant…even my husband! :) I hope my love for french food will come back when I give birth…if not, they will probably revoke my visa! :)

There’s a little story behind this pregnancy which I wanted to keep as a secret, but thought the better of it. To be honest, my husband and I are not really so bent on having a baby. We like the idea of having one, but with all the fertility issues that we are facing, we told ourselves that it’s ok if we don’t get to have one — we will just enjoy our lives together and tour the world, hehehe! We sort of agreed that we won’t storm heaven for a baby…we will just sort of leave it up to the high heavens if they grant us the grace. Our prayers had been like this ever since, although I’m sure our family are praying more fervently for us to have a kid…hahaha! Then one day, I came across the story of Saint Catherine Laboure and was delighted that the chapel where Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal appeared is here in Paris! I went there and was mesmerized by the message of our Lady:

“Come to the foot of the altar, it is there that graces will be showered on all those who ask with confidence and fervor”.

I don’t actually know how to be sure that I am praying with confidence or with fervor…but I thought I will just go there anyway. It will be good to have someone to talk to, even if she’s invisible, since I’m always alone at home and I’m almost forgetting how to talk! Hihihi.

So…I went there twice, hoping to be able to kneel on that altar, but every time I go there, they have some kind of an event going on and I cannot even get past the middle of the chapel. On my third visit, I was in luck! The chapel just opened and there were only 10 or so people inside. I went directly to the altar, kneeled, and told Our Lady a lot of things…and before I ended my prayer, I told her, almost just as an afterthought, that I am not sure if I have what it takes to be a mom (knowing that I can’t cook, cleaning is not one of my strengths, and I hate any form of complication), but if she thinks that I will do well, I pray that she intercede on my behalf and ask God to grant me the gift of life. I distinctly remember this moment because it was the first time that I have earnestly and sincerely asked for a child.

After that day, I went on with my daily routine, half forgetting that I said that prayer. More than a month after that visit, I found myself holding a positive pregnancy test kit in the bathroom with all the blood draining from my face. Don’t get me wrong…I am happy, but I was floored! My prayer was actually answered?! And I get to be a mom?! Oh la la…I must have some hidden cooking talents somewhere! Now, I’ve just got to find it! Hihihi!

So now, I am on this journey…and while it is not easy (queasy feeling, no appetite, sleepy, lethargic, and moody), I am thankful for the experience. It’s amazing how my nose gets bigger everyday…I actually thought it will look the same until the day I die!

And surprise, surprise…I am actually getting caught up with everybody’s excitement on my pregnancy. I spent the whole evening yesterday searching for baby names and have narrowed it down to two:

If it’s a boy, we will name him Mathieu Lyle

If it’s a girl, we will call her Maggie Lavergne

I guess the countdown begins for Feb 6, 2010! God is truly amazing! :)


Comment from grace
Time: June 27, 2009, 1:02 pm

beautiful/inspiring story, monette! lovely names, too! im sure that you’ll be a great mother. i remember you blogging about the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal…tama ba ako? i actually went to the site you recommended and wrote there my petitions. now i think that this blog is a reminder that i can in fact visit that site again or maybe ask you to pray for a special intention if you happen to pass by there again…that the title of our land be released real soon. hehehe….it has been delayed for several months now, but i know that God has a purpose and a reason for allowing this to happen…going back to your pregnancy, enjoy it to the fullest! once s/he is out, another chapter will unfold…:-)

Comment from Necel
Time: June 30, 2009, 3:55 am

Congrats again Ms. Monette! :) Everyone here at EAC is praying that u will have a safe pregnancy. I like the sound of maggie laverne..cute! Say hi to Mike for me.

Comment from clyde
Time: June 30, 2009, 11:20 am

Hi MS. monette!

Wow! congrats! I can still remember our times
in EDO…times when we’re talking about
your pregnancy issue together
with sir. marlon…and I told you before that i will
wait until the time you get pregnant =)
Im always asking you before if there is already
a baby in your tummy hehehe
and finally, the almighty god and mother
grant your prayers…Im happy for you
and I know you’ll be a good mother *wink*

stay safe..take care mwah!

Comment from monette
Time: July 1, 2009, 1:40 am

@ grace – oh, good timing! i will go there next week to buy some medals for atoy’s family kasi birthday ni atoy on july 22…so i will definitely pray for your land title. don’t worry, i’m sure everything will be alright and you will have it soon. :)

@ necel – hey, thanks! alam mo ba where i got the name maggie? it’s from the rod stewart song that i really like when i was young. ang title yata nung song na yun is “maggie may”. tapos, yung laverne naman means “spring”…kasi i got pregnant spring time so naisip ko lang na ilagay sa name…hehehe. :)

@ clyde – i remember how you ask me every month if preggy na ako! hahaha! finally, eto na…nakahabol din! thank you for your prayers and yeah…i have fond memories of you, marlon, and i having lunch at EDO and talking about everything under the sun. i miss you both! mwah!

Comment from grace
Time: July 1, 2009, 1:55 am

naku monette, pakidagdag na din sa iyong dasal (ito highest priority..hehehe) na makahanap kami ng bank na magpapautang sa amin ng amount that we need…hay mashado kaming nastre-stress ni mel lately because undervalued ang aming lupa at bahay ng bank which means they will loan us an amount which is significantly less than what we need…really appreciate this monette. badly need your prayers…wish i could go there to personally pray for our intentions pero lalo kami mamumulubi. hehehe…thanks a lot!!!

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Time: July 19, 2009, 8:50 pm

[…] A New Chapter Begins […]

Comment from jayms
Time: August 11, 2009, 7:27 am

hi mam, wow, parang the whole world knows about your pregnancy except for i have my excuse naman eh, i just got back from mg maternity leave and checked the net just now..
but anyhow, im so glad for you..congratulations again..i hope i can soon meet your french-speaking, little tadpole..

love you lots!

Comment from Badeth
Time: August 19, 2009, 10:30 am

Congrats, net! :-)

God, indeed, is amazing!

Comment from Marvin Alvarez
Time: October 28, 2009, 5:40 pm

I hear Marvin is a good baby name.

Papa Mike, Mama Monette and Baby Marvin.

Totally cool!

Comment from denise limgenco
Time: November 22, 2009, 5:00 am

beautiful names, but my dad still insists Ricajolie Julienne is sooooo much muy bien!

He also said he is counting down on Feb 6… hihihi

check out my facebook and his daw!

Comment from Dolor
Time: January 22, 2010, 10:02 am

Hi Monette…just read about your blog today…and i’m happy as you are…as if i’m the one pregnant here…whew!congratulations…as i read your blog, i remember how i felt and my husband everytime i missed my period and have pregnancy test getting negative results…it’s so frustrating!…we’ve been praying to have a baby of our own, but until now, …..well, sad to say..we haven’t had…can i ask a favor from you?since it is impossible for me and my husband to go there in Our Lady of Miraculous Chapel, when you have your time, could you please pray for us and ask Mama Mary to intercede for us so that we can also have our own baby?..we’ve been longing to have a baby of our own for almost 8 long years now…i hope you’d find time to visit the chapel again before you give birth…thanks and congratulations in advance…can’t wait to see when i too, will get pregnant…God bless you always and your husband.

Comment from ross m.
Time: March 12, 2010, 9:19 am

hi ms. monette grabe reading all your blogs made me cry…and one of may fave is this you got pregnant..cguro kc i can relate din,my hubby and i were married for about 2 years and until now were still praying for the gift of life on my tummy..can i ask u something???pag napadaan ka po uli sa chapel na un can pray din po na sana magkababy na din kme???its really a big favor for me..godbless you and your family…i guess from this monent he/she is one month old already…thanks much…

Comment from monette
Time: March 18, 2010, 12:00 am

Hi Dolor!

Of course, I will pray for you and your husband. That’s the least I can do. I will send you a private message so we can correspond more about this. I also want to send you something via mail. :)

Comment from monette
Time: March 18, 2010, 12:10 am

Hi Ross!

I will definitely pray for you. I will actually send you a private email because I want to send you something sana via snail mail. :)

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