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Blood Type Diet

I haven’t written for a loooong time! It feels really good to be typing away like this again. :)

Anyways, here is something interesting for the new year…just right to complement my new year’s resolution to eat better and be healthier…hehehe. I thought I’d share this with you because it’s not only informative, but interesting, too.

We have unique genetic make-ups, and so, we have equally unique needs in terms of nutrition. Depending on our blood type, some of us are pre-disposed to certain illnesses such as diabetes, thyroid malfunction, cancer, heart disease, etc. However, we can short circuit the development of these diseases if we know how to eat right so we can provide enough support to the weak areas of our body. So they say, we should have a diet that is appropriate for our genetic make-up or our blood type.

I wish I have known this when I was younger! My blood type is O…and type O people are predisposed to thyroid problems. True enough, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism when I was 14, and while it has been finally controlled when I was 24, the impacts of my thyroid malfunction still affects my general health today. As it is, my hormones are still somewhat out of whack. :)

If you want to blow out 100 candles on your birthday cake, or just plain curious, you may want to read up on Blood Type Diet. A note of caution though…don’t take too long here on earth, your family and friends might think that you never made it to heaven. :)

ADB’s Executive Dining Room

Just a few minutes ago, I was trying to count how many close friends I’ve made in my entire life. And guess what, I came up with just a little more than 15; half of them coming from FEU – East Asia College where I spent seven long years. I must admit, I am choosy with friends. I don’t know, I must be weird. :)

This post is  special to me since this is the first time that I didn’t pay for the meals that I ate and I’m blogging about. Hahaha! But what makes it more memorable to me is that this post was a spin-off of my lunch date with my super-close-friend-almost-sister, Rhen.

Rhen used to be my partner in the Executive Director’s Office; a friend, an adviser, and a mother rolled into one. I think we spent roughly five years sitting side-by-side behind our intimidating desk at EDO, giving us enough time to know each other’s life stories from cover to cover. This is the reason why her face is plastered all over my Friendster account, and I’m her daughter Elise’s honorary aunt. Ahahaha! When Rhen moved to the Asian Development Bank, she regaled me with stories about its grand library that has a Starbucks in it, its cafeteria with intercontinental cuisines, and its over-kill security measures. So you can understand my excitement when she asked me to have lunch with her at no less than ADB’s Executive Dining Room! …continue reading ADB’s Executive Dining Room

Of Love, Cartoons, and a French Song

I love cartoons! Whenever I need a quick fix from my stressful job, and equally stressful studies…oh, I watch cartoons! Let me share with you a short animated cartoonish film which I play over and over again when things are not going so well for me. The story is soooo cute, it does not fail to make me smile. I also love the French song that goes with it…”A quoi ça cert l’Amour?”, sung by Edith Piaf and Theo Sarapo.

As they say, “love is not illogical; it simply has a logic of its own”.


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Joylin Abendan

Kindness does not call for an occasion, nor a season. It is just there, waiting to be lavished at anyone who needs it. Kindness is an act of love; and I believe that there is enough love to go around amongst us. And maybe, through this abundant love, we can accommodate yet another person in our hearts.

This post is a call for help on behalf of the Spirit Questors, through their adviser, Mr. Tony Perez. I was one of the fortunate recipients of a text message from Mr. Perez informing us that the Spirit Questors adopted a child suffering from cerebral palsy since she was two years old. Joylin Abendan is now eleven years old, stick-thin, and cannot walk, talk, or move any of her limbs at all. She now also has epilepsy and polio. Rodita, Joylin’s mother, can no longer work since she is taking care of Joylin round the clock. Rodita had resolved to begging at the Cubao MRT Station every afternoon to sustain the needs of Joylin. This was where Mr. Perez first encountered them, and he and his friends have been helping Joylin ever since. The Spirit Questors facilitated Joylin’s consultation with a doctor, and are now raising enough money to enable her to undergo a battery of medical tests. At this time, help coming from kind-hearted strangers are very much welcome. Your donations will be used not only to facilitate her medical expenses, but also to sustain Joylin’s daily needs.

For more information on how to donate to this cause, please email Mr. Tony Perez, Spirit Questor adviser, at studioantenor[at]

If you want to meet Joylin and understand her situation more, please play this video:


May the good Lord repay your kindness a thousand fold.

Amazon Kindle

I hope my husband reads my blog today….because I just found his perfect Christmas gift for me! Yey!

I’m a voracious reader. My idea of a perfect day is when I have a good book, a mocha frappe, and a fine weather bundled all together. Whenever I travel, I always pack more books than shirts; it horrifies my mom. I always thought I can never ever travel light because of all the books I lug around, but then they invented the Amazon Kindle, a wireless reading device!

When I first saw the Amazon Kindle, I fell in love with its simplistic design. To us minimalists, less is always more. But hey, at only 10.3 ounces, I was surprised at what it can do. Its screen lets you read like you’re reading from a paper; it allows you to find, buy, and download reading materials from Amazon (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.) in less than 60 seconds; it can store 200 books more or less; and it gives you access to top blogs and the wikipedia any time of the day…even without Internet connection since it uses the same technology as that of a cell phone. What more can a bookworm ask for? Well, there’s something I wish they’ll add – a backlight, so I can read in the dark before I sleep. :)

If you want to see the Amazon Kindle for your self, here’s a short video:

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Now, if you’re really interested on the Kindle, you may want to watch this more detailed video:

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