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Save Money: Use Vinegar at Home!

I am officially a vinegar fan!

I have read about the versatility of vinegar soooo many times in different Internet sites, but for the life of me, I just don’t have the guts to give up Downy (softener) and Domex (disinfectant) for our good old vinegar. It’s just too weird, right? :D

Well, now that I have a baby and I want to live up to 100, I am slowly and steadily getting rid of chemicals at home. So yeah, I seriously looked into the vinegar alternative. But still, I didn’t get on with it as soon as I want to…for the simple reason that I don’t want to stink…hehehe!

1. Vinegar as a Softener

My dear Tita Vicky plunged head on and used vinegar for her laundry just to appease me…and viola! It really does work like magic! After that, I went straight to the supermarché and bought a liter of “vinaigre crystal”. I am not sure what it is called in other countries, I guess just plain “vinegar”. Just make sure you buy the clear, transparent vinegar, not the cloudy one which we call “sukang puti” in the Philippines. I poured half a cup of vinegar in the washing machine’s slot for softener and loaded the machine with 3 kilos of laundry. I was half expecting the whole apartment to smell sour…hehe. I was so happy that my laundry came out smelling clean and super soft! Our clothes were so easy to iron, too! I also read that chemical softeners lessen the absorbency of our towels, so I guess this is another reason to switch to vinegar. :)

2. Vinegar as Disinfectant …continue reading Save Money: Use Vinegar at Home!

MOMMILIES: BabyCook by Baéba

When my daughter began to show interest in solid food at around 5 months, I was somewhat stressing about it because I am not so fond of cooking. I only cook when there are special occasions, and I always cheat by enlisting my husband’s help in preparing the ingredients! Hehehe! Suffice it to say that I am super fond of green smoothies because they are easy to prepare — I don’t have to cook them! But since my daughter’s digestive system is still developing, green smoothies would be too much for her at the moment. Sigh.

So because I am forced to cook, and I am alone in doing this in our little apartment, I told myself I’d better do it in style. Yeah…in pure french flair! So even though I make it a point not to buy brand new stuff whenever I can for the simple reason that it is cheaper and I could help Mother Earth by recycling, I made an exception and bought BabyCook by Baéba! Yeah, I am spolied. Call me whatever, but I love my BabyCook because it makes me a better mom. (This is my standard answer for all those people who tell me that I can prepare my baby’s meal in a simple pot…hihihi!) …continue reading MOMMILIES: BabyCook by Baéba

Pregnant in Paris, France

It was a hot summer day in Paris when we found out that we were expecting our primier bébé (first baby)…just two months after I visited the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Medaille Miraculeuse. We were pleasantly surprised with this blessing, but admittedly, we were not prepared for unimaginable French procedures and paperwork that we were about to face. As if standing for three hours outside the Prefécture de Police to apply for the Titre Sejour is not enough torture!

So, if you are pregnant in France, and with limited French at that… I hope this blog post will help you. I learned everything the hard way and it is not a pretty situation to be in when your morning sickness is in full swing. I will tell you upfront that there’s a lot to do…but all of them are manageable. I have outlined them below for you in sequence, as I know a pregnant mind is totally fuzzy sometimes and you can’t even understand why…hehehe! Here goes: …continue reading Pregnant in Paris, France

Mommilies: Natural Remedy for Baby Acne

Thanks to digital photography, our laptop now holds almost a thousand pictures of our daughter, Maggie. My hubby even had to pay for an online storage system so these precious pictures are safely backed-up in case our lowly laptop conks out all of a sudden. :)

However, there was a week in Maggie’s life that we weren’t too eager to take her picture. I think this was when she was just a month old and have developed baby acne. Yup, you’ve read that right — acne! Whoever said that babies have perfect skin is exagerating. Hehehe! Baby acne are reddish, rash-like thingies that appear on your baby’s face and scares the hell out of you! When they appeared on Maggie’s face, I actually started to wonder what I’ve done wrong and if my genes were to blame! Yup, I’ve had all those silly thoughts that keep new moms awake at night. Haha! …continue reading Mommilies: Natural Remedy for Baby Acne

Mama Turns 59!

Today, the most important woman in my life turns 59 — my mom! I feel very blessed that I haven’t missed any one of her birthdays — even now that I live halfway across the world from her. What do you know, she had to come here in France to help me through the first bouts of motherhood and the timing is just right — she gets to spend her birthday here in Paris! But knowing mama, it’s not Paris that thrills her, but the fact that she’s spending her birthday with her first grandchild. :)

You see, my mom is the simplest person I know. She reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi, who owned only three things: a piece of cloth to wear, glasses for reading, and a notebook to write in. My mom doesn’t have much and has never wanted much. She doesn’t even wear earrings, nor does she wear a watch. She doesn’t have a make-up kit like all the other moms I know. She doesn’t even have a bank account on her name, nor a driver’s license. Thinking of how little she has does not make me sad for her. In fact, I envy her simplicity because it doesn’t take much to make her happy. It must be really liberating to be in such state. …continue reading Mama Turns 59!