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My Dad’s Maiden Blog

As my dad has given life to me 28 years ago, I now give life to his words.

My dad is a brilliant health guru. I was so thrilled when he agreed to be my co-blogger in the condition that I will translate his articles from Filipino to English. Apparently, he want his articles to be understood worldwide. He sure does know how to go global. And so the excerpts below are not his words, but mine. The knowledge are obviously his and only his since I am more of a patient than a health guru. Hihihi.

For his maiden post, I asked my dad how he wants to introduce his portion in my blog, and this is his message to you all:

I am nearing 60 years old (56 to be exact), and yet I play basketball with boys half my age. I am proud to say that they rarely out run me in the court. Of course the wrinkles and the white hairs are there, but the maintenance medicines have not quite made it to my list of growing old gracefully. My secret is everyone else’s : HERBS.

Being a reflexologist since the late 1980’s, my interest for maintaining good health has grown to encompass neuro-muscular therapy, growing organic food, and healing herbs. For many years, I only impart my knowledge to my family and our closest friends, but through my daughter’s blog, I think it’s time to share the little that I know which I think every Filipino should know. Our country is the biggest Mercury Drug in the world. Our common plants can aide us in healing our ailments, even the much dreaded cancer which can afflict almost anybody…even our dear Cory Aquino.

I invite you to read my daughter’s blog because I will introduce you slowly but surely to the wonderful world of healing herbs and other health issues.  My posts will come in small showers as I think Monette will have a lot more interesting things to say than I do. But I do hope that my posts will be of help to you and to your families in enjoying long and healthy lives. – Nick Bagtas

Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant

Finally, my mom gets to celebrate her birthday! It’s business as usual for the whole metropolis now that it’s Easter, and our family headed straight to Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant.

We were originally set to visit the Conti’s branch in Serendra since my officemate, Jasmine, requested me to specifically blog about the said branch since it’s near her place and she always wanted to try it. However, when I was searching the net for its specific address, I chanced upon three different blogs/comments saying that the service on that branch is horrible. And so, not wanting to possibly ruin my mom’s birthday, I looked for another branch and was pleasantly surprised to know that they have  four branches in all. I chose the one at Greenhills so I can shop at Greenhills Shopping Center right after.

Our unassuming waiter, Gian, took our orders accurately and I requested him to serve the salad early. The Caesar Salad came after two minutes and we literally cleaned off the plate faster than than you can say Ceasar! Hihihi. We found the salad a bit salty than usual, and a little over-priced for P145 since the serving is rather small. We had to order extra sauce at P25 since there isn’t enough sauce. Overall, it’s your usual Ceasar Salad… great to start your meal with.

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Easter Song: Complete by Parachute

I was expecting Bro. Butch Conde to be the pastor at the 8:00 – 11:00am service at the Bread of Life Ministries at Crossroad 77 along Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City…being Easter Sunday and all. Unfortunately, he is in still in Korea. He is my favorite pastor so far — humorous, realistic, and does not blame our misfortunes to the government. His absence was somehow compensated by the band’s heartfelt performance of worship songs, one of which is “Complete”, originally composed and sung by the Parachute, a popular band from New Zealand. It is featured in their fourth album “Amazing”, which boasts of 12 tracks of worship songs. It’s a striking song and I just want to post it here since it might bless you in ways that only God can do best.

Happy Easter everyone!

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lyrics excerpt:

…and by faith I will walk on, Lord

…in your strength will I breakthrough, Lord

…through the storm I will hold on, Lord

…then I’ll see beyond my calvary one day, and I will be complete in You

Princeton University Endorses World Travel

If I were a student fresh out of high school, I’d definitely apply at Princeton University in New Jersey. Their new program for their freshmen students, yup that’s right, freshmen…involves giving them a year off from school to perform social service around the world. They are initially targetting to have this program in place by SY09-10 and will be sending a 10th of each incoming class. That’ s a lot!

Princeton Provost Christopher Eisgruber said the university wants to achieve two things at one time: Allow the high-achieving students who get admitted by the university to take a breather before college, and give them a chance to serve others while learning about the world.

Students who will participate in this program will not pay tuition, and might receive financial aid to help pay for fees, living expenses and travel. While they will not receive academic credit, Mr. Eisgruber believes that the service experience they had abroad will give them a very different perspective on their Princeton education.

What can I say? I wish we have the same service program here in the Philippines. This way, we will have a better chance of producing leaders who engage themselves in truly worthwhile activities, instead of coming up with nasty schemes of corrupting millions of pesos. Sigh.

Here’s a picture of Princeton University for your appreciation:


Kare-kareng Gulay for My Mom

I am super fond of eating out. In fact, I’m not so bothered that I am not such a good cook because I’d rather eat out anyway. Hihihi. But today is an exemption for two big reasons: it’s my mom’s 57th birthday and it’s a Holy Thursday. Sadly for my mom, and unfortunately for me, all the good restaurants are closed in observance of the Holy Week. But you see, a daughter just has to make her mom’s birthday special come hell or high waters…and so, I found myself reviewing the Kare-kareng Gulay recipe which I did once before and turned out to be an overwhelming peanut butter mixture of some sort. I figured that it will be a lot better this time since I’m doing it with good intentions. And guess what?! It was gooooooood!!! My dad cannot get over it, and the birthday girl liked it a lot! I’m super happy!

And so, before I forget what I did, let me share the recipe. You might want to cook for a special person someday. Here goes:

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