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Love Thought

I just would like to share what I have read on love this weekend:

“The love you deserve is the most you can contain.” – Tony Perez

This line has affirmed several personal truths for me. I refuse to post any insight about this line since I believe that we have our own unique experiences on love to reflect upon. I just posted it so it will be included in your Monday thoughts….together with the emails and the papers waiting to be answered. Hihihi!

I send you my love. Have a great week ahead!

Tony Perez : My Pinoy Dumbledore

I have been a Tony Perez fan for the past 10 years. He is the trainer and adviser of Spirit Questors, a group of people who help negotiate harmonious co-existence between humans and non-humans. They also help the departed settle their earthly issues and move on to the light. Sometimes, they even help the living, who were left behind by those who have departed, to move on with their lives. All these they do for free. Mr. Perez chronicled their experiences in his books — The Calling, The Departed, Beings, and Stories of the Moon…to name a few. And these are the books that has imparted in me life changing realizations, which I am truly grateful for.

Let’s track back a little…I came to know Tony Perez and his books because I have gone through that phase in my life when I got all curious about elementals, souls, psychic powers, paranormal experiences, and the likes. I must admit that while I am a Christian, I haven’t completely abandoned my interest for such.

Why? …continue reading Tony Perez : My Pinoy Dumbledore

Liliw Laguna’s Tsinelas Festival

The whole FEU-East Asia College community went to Laguna for its annual summer outing that’s why I haven’t updated my blog for quite some time. Apparently, the place where we stayed at has no wi-fi access. I will not bother to blog about the place anymore since it is just your ordinary Laguna resort. Nothing extraordinary really.

But what I do want to blog about is our sidetrip to Liliw, Laguna! They call Liliw as the Tsinelas Country of the South, or the Footwear Capital of Laguna. In this quiet and laidback little town, you can see the prettiest and cheapest footwear in the Philippine archipelago. Lucky for us, they were having their tsinelas festival when we came! There was so much to see and so much to buy! I almost hyperventilated with excitement when I saw all the tsinelas, sandals, and shoes lined up! Imagine, you can buy 3 pairs of tsinelas for only 100 pesos! I was also able to buy dressy slip-ons for only 230 pesos! Oh, I’m really sorry for all the exclamation points…I am really just so elated with the idea that I can buy so many shoes with only 1,000 pesos in my pocket. I vowed to go back there with my husband soon. I cannot wait to buy him nice tsinelas too.

Here are some of the pictures I took: …continue reading Liliw Laguna’s Tsinelas Festival

Free Rice, Anyone?

My hubby excitedly sent me a link this morning…just when my boss was firing away my tasks for the day. I totally ignored my hubby, since unlike my boss, he can’t get rid of me anyway. Hihihi!

Winding down this evening, I went to the link that my hubby sent me…and ended up playing for almost an hour! I enjoyed it so much that I totally and intentionally forgot about my boss’ unfinished presentation. I know, I know…I’m such a bad girl. But hey, the more I play, the greater my contribution is to alleviating hunger. Isn’t that fun and noble at the same time? I’m crossing my fingers that my sensible boss will understand that noble things take precedence over his presentation. In fact, I made a mental note to look for a relevant Bible verse to support my argument in case he throws a fit. Hihihi!

If I got you curious enough, I encourage you to go to Free Rice and start playing. You will not only learn a new vocabulary, but you’ll also be able to donate 20 grains of rice for every word you get right. The donation is made through United Nations World Food Program so you can be sure that it reaches the right people. I assure you, this fun and noble thing is worth a try. (Wink!)

Special thanks to my hubby who thoughfully sent me the Free Rice link knowing that I like word games…and also to his officemate, Fernie, who shared the site with him. :)

Help end world hunger

Healing Herb Series: The Doctrine of Signatures

My imagination always gets ahead of me, and I can actually scare myself simply by imagining far-fetched things. Case in point was when I asked my dad how I can survive if I am forced to live in the forest because there’s war going on in the city. He answered me nonchantly, saying that since it is a forest, there will be plenty of plants I can eat…or in case I get sick, I can heal myself anyways since there are herbs around.

Still, i am not satisfied.

I asked him how will I know if the plant is poisonous or not, I surely don’t want to poison myself accidentaly and die in the middle of the forest…to be eaten by beasts. Also, among the million plants around, how am I suppose to know what herb heals what. I made a mental note to bring with me a picture book of healing herbs while running towards the forest. Hihihi! My dad, who is more sensible than I am, said that God is actually more intelligent than I think. He said that God left us clues so we can easily distinguish good plants from bad plants, and what the good plants can actually do. He gave me two pointers: …continue reading Healing Herb Series: The Doctrine of Signatures