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Wedding Suppliers

This Saturday, March 15, two of Mike’s good friends got married. We rushed from one wedding to another, and my 3-inch heels were killing me by the time we arrived at our last stop — Diamond Hotel for Sandro and Sheng Paredes’ wedding reception. We arrived a little early and for lack of a better thing to do, I busied myself by watching the people who are coming in the ballroom. There were three people who got my attention that night: President Joseph Estrada, Jim Paredes, and Jose Javier Reyes. If not for my husband, I would have approached Erap and asked for our picture to be taken together! Hihihi, forgive me.. I’m so baduy.

Now..the reason I came up with this post is because of a number of people asked us who our suppliers were when we had our church wedding last July 2007. Most of our friends are planning to get married in the next two years and as early as now, they are scouting for the “best” suppliers. If you’re one of those people, read on please. If it boils down to the best, I have only four suppliers of mine to name:

VIGNETTE PHOTOGRAPHY ( for photo and video coverage. We opted for their P65,000 package which is inclusive of a prenuptial shoot, a wedding guest book, a leather-bound wedding album (two camera set-up), two mini parent albums, wedding video in dvd (two video camera set-up), our wedding portrait, and all raw shots (photo and video) in high resolution. What I like best about Vignette is that its owner, Mr. Danny Ignacio, is very hands-on. In fact, he was my lead photographer on my wedding day. His whole crew was very professional and humorous too, which makes it easier for me and my entourage to do story-based shots. For a sample of their work, I’ll share with you the “compressed” version of my wedding AVP:

[flashvideo filename=ForPosts/Sumulong_Bagtas_AVP.flv /]

JUAN CARLO THE CATERER ( for catering services. You can ask our guests, they were truly wowed by the dishes prepared by Mr. Alex Del Rosario, the owner of this catering service. I have sky-high standards and it is very rare for me to be satisfied, but I guarantee you their professional and competent service. They handled all the details of our wedding reception and they did not miss any single detail. Everything was in the right place at the right time. No wonder they have Ms. Sharon Cuneta endorsing them left and right. We got their P650 per head package and per our guests’ reactions, it was all worth it.

WINGS & MOTION ( for wedding coordination services. The lead person for this team is Ms. Margot Esplana, a VIP dancer in her younger days. Aside from coordinating my wedding on the day itself, Tita Margot and her team choreographed our first dance as husband and wife. Aside from this, they also choreographed our whole family’s (Villanueva side) dance production for Lolo Sixto and Lola Emma’s 50th wedding anniversary. Mind you, the Villanueva family is quite a big and feisty group, and I have to give it to Tita Margot’s team for making the young and the old look like dance divas…hehehe!

LAUREN (0918-5309364) for make-up and JOANNE (0919-7114392) for hairstyling. These two ladies work as a team and they are my personal favorites. They are both bubbly, classy, and professional. I have availed of their services in three different occasions, my wedding included, and they have never failed me. You see, I have problematic skin and stick-straight hair…and they make all this go away, I don’t know how. I like myself better when they’re done with me. Hihihi!

So there, they are my best four. My other suppliers are not so bad, but since I am a perfectionist, I’d rather advertise those who have met my personal standards. With these four suppliers, I can assure you that they arrive on time for meetings, take notes while you’re rambling your ideas, have no hidden charges, issue contracts, issue receipts, and deliver exactly what you have agreed upon with genuine smiles. What more can a bride ask for?

Good luck on your wedding!

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