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Princeton University Endorses World Travel

If I were a student fresh out of high school, I’d definitely apply at Princeton University in New Jersey. Their new program for their freshmen students, yup that’s right, freshmen…involves giving them a year off from school to perform social service around the world. They are initially targetting to have this program in place by SY09-10 and will be sending a 10th of each incoming class. That’ s a lot!

Princeton Provost Christopher Eisgruber said the university wants to achieve two things at one time: Allow the high-achieving students who get admitted by the university to take a breather before college, and give them a chance to serve others while learning about the world.

Students who will participate in this program will not pay tuition, and might receive financial aid to help pay for fees, living expenses and travel. While they will not receive academic credit, Mr. Eisgruber believes that the service experience they had abroad will give them a very different perspective on their Princeton education.

What can I say? I wish we have the same service program here in the Philippines. This way, we will have a better chance of producing leaders who engage themselves in truly worthwhile activities, instead of coming up with nasty schemes of corrupting millions of pesos. Sigh.

Here’s a picture of Princeton University for your appreciation:


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