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Pangea Day: 11 May 2008, 2:00 a.m.

After we came together for Earth Hour, now we wait for Pangea Day. Once more, the world comes together for this event on May 10, 2008. However, in Philippine Standard Time, it will be at exactly 2:00 a.m. of May 11, 2008. As you know, we are a few hours ahead and a few technologies behind from the rest of the world. Hihihi!

I have read different literatures in the Internet regarding Pangea Day and I must say, this is exciting…but sigh, the Philippines is not included among its six broadcast locations across the globe – Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro. But all is not lost, as we can watch the whole event via the Pangea Day Website. Yey! So, to motivate you, let me share in simple terms the driving force behind this event.

Pangea Day is an effort to bring the world together through film. They will be featuring short films captured by people all over the world to represent their country’s culture, beliefs, history, etc. All this in four straight hours! Imagine, you will be introduced to the rest of the world in one sitting! Why do this? Well…the person responsible for this event, Jehane Noujaim, believes that if we are to see a glimpse of other people’s lives, it will broaden our perspective and we will be able to understand each other better, thereby allowing us to develop appreciation and tolerance for our differences.  In simple terms, she feels that this will help in promoting world peace.

It is interesting to note that Pangea Day is well-supported by famous personalities such as Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, and Goldie Hawn to name a few. Industry giants are also rallying behind this event. In fact, Nokia gave away cellular phones with video cameras to people in remote areas so they can shoot their own films and upload wirelessly. Wow! Also, once an hour, the 85 feet Nokia Theater Marque Screen along Times Square, New York, is featuring the Pangea Day Trailer.

To give you a glimpse of the spirit that they wish to promote through Pangea Day, please see the video below entitled “Imagine! France Sings for USA”. Oh, this is a real treat! In my short stay in their country, I have observed that the French has an evident distaste for anything American, especially the English language. They won’t even give me directions in English even if they know how to! And so, I roamed the streets of Paris with a large map looking like a lost kid…but that’s another story. Enjoy this once in a lifetime video below:

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Until Pangea Day! Au revoir!

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