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Let’s Join Earth Hour!

We Filipinos have a flair for anything that involves “people power”, as evident in the one too many Edsa Revolutions that we have managed to include in our history. This time, let’s put people power into good use…let’s join the whole world in observing Earth Hour!

Earth Hour originally started in Sydney, Australia. That fateful day of March 31, 2007, almost 2.2 million people and 2,100 business establishments from this city turned off their electricity for an hour to make a stand against global warming. Their collective effort was able to reduce Sydney’s energy consumption by 10.2%…and that’s just for an hour! See, small sacrifices really go a long way! So, on March 29, let’s participate on the global movement for Earth Hour and turn off our electricity from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. in an effort to join major capital cities all over the world to make a statement regarding the urgency and graveness of climate change and global warming. These issues, I believe, falls in the list of the most neglected world issues of our time…probably because we have not fully grasped their effects on our planet. And so, let us not miss the opportunity to give our share of sacrifice to a cause that will impact the whole world. We Filipinos should be at the forefront of this endeavor…since as they say “ang Pinoy hindi nagpapahuli!” Hihihi!

If you want to know how you can contribute more to this cause, register at Earth Hour to receive useful tools and tips to get you even more involved. You can also call 920-7931, 920-7923, or 920-7926 for more info. Or, you can watch this video:

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I’m counting on you!

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