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Joylin Abendan

Kindness does not call for an occasion, nor a season. It is just there, waiting to be lavished at anyone who needs it. Kindness is an act of love; and I believe that there is enough love to go around amongst us. And maybe, through this abundant love, we can accommodate yet another person in our hearts.

This post is a call for help on behalf of the Spirit Questors, through their adviser, Mr. Tony Perez. I was one of the fortunate recipients of a text message from Mr. Perez informing us that the Spirit Questors adopted a child suffering from cerebral palsy since she was two years old. Joylin Abendan is now eleven years old, stick-thin, and cannot walk, talk, or move any of her limbs at all. She now also has epilepsy and polio. Rodita, Joylin’s mother, can no longer work since she is taking care of Joylin round the clock. Rodita had resolved to begging at the Cubao MRT Station every afternoon to sustain the needs of Joylin. This was where Mr. Perez first encountered them, and he and his friends have been helping Joylin ever since. The Spirit Questors facilitated Joylin’s consultation with a doctor, and are now raising enough money to enable her to undergo a battery of medical tests. At this time, help coming from kind-hearted strangers are very much welcome. Your donations will be used not only to facilitate her medical expenses, but also to sustain Joylin’s daily needs.

For more information on how to donate to this cause, please email Mr. Tony Perez, Spirit Questor adviser, at studioantenor[at]

If you want to meet Joylin and understand her situation more, please play this video:


May the good Lord repay your kindness a thousand fold.

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