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In Her Shoes

I have to say, Janina San Miguel had effortlessly taken the limelight off President Gloria Arroyo and Jun Lozada! While I’m happy for the breather, I do feel for this young girl. I must admit that I cringed more than once when I first watched her two-minute stint during the Q&A portion of Binibining Pilipinas. I was almost hoping that with some twist of faith, YouTube’s server will explode or evaporate into thin air so that the whole world will not get to watch a Filipina in such state of…never mind. But then, I noticed that Janina was wearing a skimpy two-piece bathing suit in front of 5,000 people more or less, plus probably around 50,000 others who are tuned in to the program. Then I remembered what a wreck I was on my first day as a grade school teacher — fully clothed and with an audience of 50 eight year olds. I just had to laugh at how myopic my situation was compared to hers…and yet, my hands shook as I wrote my name on the blackboard. I realized that she must have been in her personal hell in those two minutes, and I have simply tasted purgatory.

The jeers emanating from the audience were really audible as she began to grope for words and I thought she’d just drop the microphone and bolt! I swear, I would have done that…hihihi! But hey, she just laughed nervously, stayed on, and managed to phrase a rather too simple answer for Ms. Vivien Tan’s question. I hope you won’t mistake me for being too kind because my friends won’t believe you…but I just had to look beyond the quality of her grammar and the simplicity of her thought to see her unbreakable spirit. Probably, that’s what earned her the crown. Plus, the pretty face and the curves of course.

I am not exactly sure what the judges were thinking when they voted for her, but I am guessing that they have a pretty good reason for doing so. It is obvious that she’s not yet well-packaged for a beauty queen, but it doesn’t mean that she won’t get there. And to be sarcastic about it…we are looking for a beauty queen, not a brainy queen. Otherwise, why do you think were they made to wear swimsuits during the most crucial part of the contest, when they could have been in evening gowns?!

And so, let’s see her one more time…and maybe this time we’d be more kind.

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My two cents worth for Janina: You certainly have a lot of work to do and seven months is more than enough for you to brush up on your English. Make good use of the time that you have and I’m hoping that you’ll wow us. Sadly, I do not think that you have room for errors. Otherwise, expect to conquer YouTube again as its resident comedy queen. As the old saying goes, “we need to be cruel to be kind”.


Comment from manny
Time: March 13, 2008, 1:17 pm

Well said… you see things beyond what most people would perceive.

(On another note) Bakit nga ba di mo nitry sumali dati sa BB. Pilipinas? tingin ko naman you have the chance… :D

(what you think mike?)

Comment from monette
Time: March 28, 2008, 9:16 am

naku, naku…hindi na ako puede jan. sa ginang pilipinas na ako puede. hihihi!

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