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And He Blogs Too!

I am proud to say that the men in my life are very supportive of my blogging. After my dad, my hubby Mike volunteered (swear, I did not coerce him in any way) to contribute in my blog too! Yey! He will be the lead writer in these two new series:

Tech Notes Series – This series will be about anything and everything techie. Mike is actually 80% robot and 20% human, so this is bound to be interesting for you techie people out there. But I must confess that when he was explaining to me what techie topics he plans to contribute, I hardly understood it. I guess that only means to say I’m 100% human. What a relief!

Let’s Play Series – Ah, now this shows that a nerd gets to have fun too! While my hubby slaves away in front of the computer almost 15 hours a day, he does find time to play online games. He will share his nice finds here. I too am excited to read this series…but I am more excited to know who among us will get a memo for playing during office hours. Hihihi!

So…stay tuned for these two new series by Mike Sumulong. Au revoir! 


Comment from Raquel
Time: April 14, 2008, 5:38 pm

“Mike is actually 80% robot and 20% human” — hahaha! nice one ate monette!

Nakakatuwa naman..buong family niyo po ang sumusuporta sa blog niyo..parang family blog..hihihi..

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