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Insomnia Makes Me Reminisce

I write this post with fondness for years gone by. :)

Whenever I cannot sleep, which is more usual nowadays due to what they call “pregnancy insomnia”, I will myself to think of happy thoughts. And tonight, for some strange reason, I remember watching The Sound of Music over and over again with my cousins — Det and Khrisna. Oh, we watch Annie, too…but I like Sound of Music better because of the songs. I know those songs like the back of my hand…until this very day…I don’t know why!

Looking back, I am surprised at how much those songs have stuck with me through the years. Whenever I am trying to calm myself, even as an adult, I hum Edelweiss. And my bestfriend, Rhen, can attest that I have a little poster of the lyrics of My Favorite Things on my cubicle. I start singing it when people get on my nerves and I want to keep cool. I think I had that posted for 2-3 years, until they implemented 5S and we can no longer have personal effects in our cubicles. :(

But the Sound of Music Song that had always been a personal favorite is Climb Every Mountain. I hum that song in my head when I need to motivate myself for something important…like the Annual President’s Report that I have to write, the Board Presentation that I have to turn in every quarter, and all those other work-stuff that I had to do before. It has worked, I guess, as I have kept my job for seven years. Hihihi! But now that I am no longer working as hard…hahaha…I just enjoy Climb Every Mountain for nights such as tonight, when pregnancy insomnia kicks in and all of Paris is already asleep.

Bonne nuit, tout le monde! :)


Comment from necel
Time: July 1, 2009, 2:07 am

Haha! Nakakrelate ako :) Kaso lang everytime I would try to sing pag ako naman ang stressed dito sa office babanat si Marlon ng.. “lumayo ka man sa akin..lalala” Wala na, natabunan na ako.lalo na ako na stress! :))

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