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Fun love

Soulmates are overrated; but I am married to mine (wink!). Nope, our life together is not straight out of a fairy tale book. Actually, it’s more like a comedy sitcom. The fireworks have long been gone, and the butterflies in my stomach have somehow died a natural death. But hey, I just adore the guy to the hilt. He sees life with much wisdom and optimism than I ever had. He’s like my rainbow-maker. Not that I’m having estrogen overload or anything for being this mushy…but I just want to write something for him because he was the one who gifted me with this blog. One afternoon, he just said that he has a gift that begins with the letter “d”, and like any other girl, i thought it was a pair of “diamond earrings”…only to find out that it was a “domain name”! See, soulmates are so overrated. But you know, my hubby Mike remains to be my one and only fun love.

Hey Mike, I know you think I have some uber romantic song in mind that I will probably dedicate to you on our 50th wedding anniversary; but I am hoping that 10 years with me has warned you that I’m not that kind of girl. Poor you. But, I do hum this song whenever I think of that day in 1997 when the lightning struck that Meralco pole along Katipunan, because I know that what we have is built to last.

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Comment from anna
Time: March 9, 2008, 5:14 pm

aaaaw :D iyak na naman si kuya nian.. ahaha joke lang!!

ate anong band yan??

Comment from manny
Time: March 10, 2008, 1:35 pm

nice blog monette! :D … ayan meron na ako isa pang site na pwede basahin pag wala magawa :D

.. o mike iyak na daw ulit :))

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