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The Dreams I Dream

A friend once asked me where my thoughts usually go when I let it run free. I told her that it goes all over the world! Honestly, it literally does…

At night, when the kids are all asleep and I can actually think without being interrupted, my mind wanders to all the places in the world that I want my kids to experience. I want to open up the world to them… to introduce them to humanity by allowing them to walk through a nation’s history, by giving them a chance to live a culture other than their own, by speaking languages beyond English and Tagalog so they can freely talk from their hearts. I want them to fathom that love can be so great that it can create an architectural masterpiece such as the Taj Mahal; and that fear can be so overwhelming that man was able to build The Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall. Moreover, I want them to appreciate how truly masterful God’s hands are through diving at the Great Blue Hole in Lighthouse Reef Atoll, by hiking all the way up to the Troll’s Tongue in Norway, or just by staring at the beauty of the Moraine Lake in Alberta.

I dream such dreams at night while holding Maggie and Mea’s hands…hoping that somehow their dreams take them to where their mom’s heart wanders.

Here’s to our world adventure, Maggie and Mea!

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Comment from necel
Time: December 17, 2012, 4:33 am

Oh how I miss your blog, Ms Monette! The dreams that you have for Maggie and Mea are the same dreams I have for my twins :)

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