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Mommilies: Natural Remedy for Baby Acne

Thanks to digital photography, our laptop now holds almost a thousand pictures of our daughter, Maggie. My hubby even had to pay for an online storage system so these precious pictures are safely backed-up in case our lowly laptop conks out all of a sudden. :)

However, there was a week in Maggie’s life that we weren’t too eager to take her picture. I think this was when she was just a month old and have developed baby acne. Yup, you’ve read that right — acne! Whoever said that babies have perfect skin is exagerating. Hehehe! Baby acne are reddish, rash-like thingies that appear on your baby’s face and scares the hell out of you! When they appeared on Maggie’s face, I actually started to wonder what I’ve done wrong and if my genes were to blame! Yup, I’ve had all those silly thoughts that keep new moms awake at night. Haha!

Apparently, baby acne is quite common on newborns and usually lasts for a few weeks. They then magically subside on their own. But moms like me who want to capture every milestone that their babies make, can’t and are not willing to wait for a few weeks! And I’m not even sure if those red bumps are itchy because I can’t ask Maggie! I was so dead-set on getting rid of them as soon as possible that I dared to try a natural remedy — virgin coconut oil. Every day, I would dip a cotton ball into the oil, careful that I’m not soaking it too much. Then I would gently put it on Maggie’s baby acne, and she would sniff like crazy because the virgin coconut oil has this strong sweet smell. I did this two times a day for three days and the baby acne gradually subsided and was gone before the week was over! I can’t be happier!

So there, if you’re looking for a natural solution for baby acne, you might want to give virgin coconut oil a try. I now even use it as a massage oil for Maggie…and yeah, she totally loves the coconut smell. And I am just so happy that she’s baby-acne-free!

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