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Restaurant Reviews

Mom & Tina’s: A great place to treat the family

For our family, March is a month of celebration. Both my moms (biological and mother-in-law) were born on this month, and in my humble observation…moms’ birthdays are the most celebrated. Why of course, they deserve the royal treatment after running after us when we were toddlers, teaching us in gradeschool, extending endless patience towards our rebellious phase in high school, believing in our dreams in college, and cheering us on as young professionals! I am super lucky to have moms whom I can talk to about anything under the sun, minus the judgmental stares. They are both cool women, although different in a lot of aspects. My biological mom, Mama Letty, is the epitome of OC-ness. I do not remember any day in school wherein I have no hanky, newly sharpened pencils, nor money in my wallet. She thinks about everything! I swear she can run a whole military base! I appreciate her being responsible, self-sacrificing, and disciplinarian. My mother-in-law, Mama Debbie, is the friendly mom. She’s like your barkada and knows the coolest stuff. She’s really great at badminton and can effortlessly whip up a gourmet meal in minutes. Whenever I want to cook, I ask her for recipes but the dishes don’t turn out like hers. And so, I leave the cooking to my husband who is the better cook, thinking to myself that good cooking must be genetic. Hehehe!

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