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Random Thoughts

Alliance Francaise de Manille

Somewhere in this blog, I wrote about my husband’s fondness for a perky French song, which he tries to sing aloud to fill dull moments. I swear, he has murdered this particular song a million times over! And so, in an effort to redeem himself, he thought of enrolling both of us at Alliance Francais de Manille to learn how to speak French. Yup, you read it right…”both” of us. He said that his efforts will be useless if he has no one to speak French with, and that I am the most logical person to practice with. How convenient. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Funny thing is, I think I am bitten by this French bug…and I found myself enrolling and attending French classes with my hubby…and I have to admit, I enjoy this whole thing to the hilt!

Every Saturday mornings, we are transported to an entirely different world. I have to give it to Alliance, they truly know how to immerse you in everything French. Imagine, on our first day of class, even if we cannot understand a single French word, our teacher gave instructions in French! He augments his words with actions so we’ll understand him, and well…it works! We do get to comprehend what he is saying and at the same time develop a familiarity with certain French words. I find it awesome that my brain gets to automatically associate the English counterpart of certain French words and I get to experience that “aha!” moment several times over. At the end of the first session, we are able to understand simple sentences and I left the room feeling hopeful about my dreams of being a Parisian. Ooh lala! Read more »

Nick Vujicic: No Arms, No Legs, No Worries!

I attended our Church service last Sunday at Bread of Life Ministries and Bro. Butch Conde introduced us to a man who have inspired, and continues to inspire, millions of people all over the world – Nick Vujicic, a man born without limbs. We watched a full 20-minute video of Nick and I have never been so entertained, enlightened, and inspired in my whole life! Surely, what Nick has made of his life will be a constant challenge and comfort thought for me. I feel so blessed just knowing that with God’s grace and his wonderful perspective in life, Nick is now living a life without limits. I believe he is even living larger than most of us so-called normal people! Truly, the life that we have is based on the choices we make; and this man chose to make the most out of what God has given him. What a wonderful life he has!

Below are some videos of Nick Vujicic. I hope that you will be blessed with hope, purpose, and infinite joy as you watch these videos.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Love Thought

I just would like to share what I have read on love this weekend:

“The love you deserve is the most you can contain.” – Tony Perez

This line has affirmed several personal truths for me. I refuse to post any insight about this line since I believe that we have our own unique experiences on love to reflect upon. I just posted it so it will be included in your Monday thoughts….together with the emails and the papers waiting to be answered. Hihihi!

I send you my love. Have a great week ahead!

Tony Perez : My Pinoy Dumbledore

I have been a Tony Perez fan for the past 10 years. He is the trainer and adviser of Spirit Questors, a group of people who help negotiate harmonious co-existence between humans and non-humans. They also help the departed settle their earthly issues and move on to the light. Sometimes, they even help the living, who were left behind by those who have departed, to move on with their lives. All these they do for free. Mr. Perez chronicled their experiences in his books — The Calling, The Departed, Beings, and Stories of the Moon…to name a few. And these are the books that has imparted in me life changing realizations, which I am truly grateful for.

Let’s track back a little…I came to know Tony Perez and his books because I have gone through that phase in my life when I got all curious about elementals, souls, psychic powers, paranormal experiences, and the likes. I must admit that while I am a Christian, I haven’t completely abandoned my interest for such.

Why? Read more »

Random Thoughts on April Fools

I am an Executive Assistant of a rather serious man for seven long years now. I think the only reason he hasn’t fired me yet is because I say the silliest things…and with actions pa! Hihihi! I usually tell him that my primary job is to make sure that all his wrinkles are in the right places; writing his reports and speeches are just secondary. We both agree that I am rather overpaid, given my priorities. Oh, but we both don’t mind.

If I have anyone to thank for my silly disposition, it would be Horace. Do you remember him from your world literature in high school? He is that Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus. He is famous for his Latin phrase “carpe diem”, which translates to “seize the day”. Certainly, you remember him now! Oh well… Read more »