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Pangea Day: 11 May 2008, 2:00 a.m.

After we came together for Earth Hour, now we wait for Pangea Day. Once more, the world comes together for this event on May 10, 2008. However, in Philippine Standard Time, it will be at exactly 2:00 a.m. of May 11, 2008. As you know, we are a few hours ahead and a few technologies behind from the rest of the world. Hihihi!

I have read different literatures in the Internet regarding Pangea Day and I must say, this is exciting…but sigh, the Philippines is not included among its six broadcast locations across the globe – Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro. But all is not lost, as we can watch the whole event via the Pangea Day Website. Yey! So, to motivate you, let me share in simple terms the driving force behind this event. Read more »

WorldPerks University

Are you a WorldPerks member? If you are, this post is for you (wink!).

As you know, WorldPerks is Northwest Airline’s award travel program for their frequent flyers…much like Philippine Airline’s Mabuhay Miles program. I like WorldPerks because the miles you’ve earned do not expire. You can just keep on earning until you retire…and maybe use your miles to travel the world for free so as not to burn your retirement money. Hihihi!

As a member, I usually get monthly updates through my email about my WorldPerks account. I am happy with the services they provide us members…so happy that I got rid of my old credit cards and signed up for BPI WorldPerks Mastercard which allows me to earn miles even if I’m not travelling. Read more »

Richmonde Hotel Ortigas Summer Promo

Almost a year ago, my hubby Mike and I vowed that we will trim our waistlines. How we will do it, we have no idea at that time. However, we do know for sure that we will not enroll in Fitness First or in any other gym since we both hate repetitive exercises…we simply do not have the discipline for them. And so after considering a thousand other ways to trim the tummy, we finally agreed to have swimming as our form of exercise! Yey!

We searched high and low for the perfect pool. Our choices ranged from the cheapest – Ateneo Grade School Pool,  to the totally expensive – Planet Infinity. And finally, we found our perfect pool at Richmonde Hotel’s Health Club in Ortigas, Pasig. Read more »

Let’s Join Earth Hour!

We Filipinos have a flair for anything that involves “people power”, as evident in the one too many Edsa Revolutions that we have managed to include in our history. This time, let’s put people power into good use…let’s join the whole world in observing Earth Hour!

Earth Hour originally started in Sydney, Australia. That fateful day of March 31, 2007, almost 2.2 million people and 2,100 business establishments from this city turned off their electricity for an hour to make a stand against global warming. Their collective effort was able to reduce Sydney’s energy consumption by 10.2%…and that’s just for an hour! See, small sacrifices really go a long way! So, on March 29, let’s participate on the global movement for Earth Hour and turn off our electricity from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. in an effort to join major capital cities all over the world to make a statement regarding the urgency and graveness of climate change and global warming. These issues, I believe, falls in the list of the most neglected world issues of our time…probably because we have not fully grasped their effects on our planet. And so, let us not miss the opportunity to give our share of sacrifice to a cause that will impact the whole world. We Filipinos should be at the forefront of this endeavor…since as they say “ang Pinoy hindi nagpapahuli!” Hihihi!

If you want to know how you can contribute more to this cause, register at Earth Hour to receive useful tools and tips to get you even more involved. You can also call 920-7931, 920-7923, or 920-7926 for more info. Or, you can watch this video:

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I’m counting on you!

Princeton University Endorses World Travel

If I were a student fresh out of high school, I’d definitely apply at Princeton University in New Jersey. Their new program for their freshmen students, yup that’s right, freshmen…involves giving them a year off from school to perform social service around the world. They are initially targetting to have this program in place by SY09-10 and will be sending a 10th of each incoming class. That’ s a lot!

Princeton Provost Christopher Eisgruber said the university wants to achieve two things at one time: Allow the high-achieving students who get admitted by the university to take a breather before college, and give them a chance to serve others while learning about the world.

Students who will participate in this program will not pay tuition, and might receive financial aid to help pay for fees, living expenses and travel. While they will not receive academic credit, Mr. Eisgruber believes that the service experience they had abroad will give them a very different perspective on their Princeton education.

What can I say? I wish we have the same service program here in the Philippines. This way, we will have a better chance of producing leaders who engage themselves in truly worthwhile activities, instead of coming up with nasty schemes of corrupting millions of pesos. Sigh.

Here’s a picture of Princeton University for your appreciation: