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Aux Champs Elysees: A Quick Pick-Me-Up

My husband always sings a strange song in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the car, and practically everywhere! He sings it so much, it plays in my head at the weirdest moments. If it were not for his great effort to sing it in French, I would have gotten annoyed already! And so, to support him in his gallant attempt to murder the French language, I searched for the song in YouTube with the little lyrics that I understand from his singing. And…ooh la la, I found it! And it comes with this nice video of the many sights of Paris for us to enjoy.

I hope you will share with my husband’s delight over this song, as I have. Even if I cannot understand every word of Aux Champs Elysees, and my husband has definitely murdered it a zillion times, it has a rather happy beat that I adore. Now I understand why Mike always sings this song everywhere. Hihihi!

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Easter Song: Complete by Parachute

I was expecting Bro. Butch Conde to be the pastor at the 8:00 – 11:00am service at the Bread of Life Ministries at Crossroad 77 along Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City…being Easter Sunday and all. Unfortunately, he is in still in Korea. He is my favorite pastor so far — humorous, realistic, and does not blame our misfortunes to the government. His absence was somehow compensated by the band’s heartfelt performance of worship songs, one of which is “Complete”, originally composed and sung by the Parachute, a popular band from New Zealand. It is featured in their fourth album “Amazing”, which boasts of 12 tracks of worship songs. It’s a striking song and I just want to post it here since it might bless you in ways that only God can do best.

Happy Easter everyone!

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lyrics excerpt:

…and by faith I will walk on, Lord

…in your strength will I breakthrough, Lord

…through the storm I will hold on, Lord

…then I’ll see beyond my calvary one day, and I will be complete in You

Fun love

Soulmates are overrated; but I am married to mine (wink!). Nope, our life together is not straight out of a fairy tale book. Actually, it’s more like a comedy sitcom. The fireworks have long been gone, and the butterflies in my stomach have somehow died a natural death. But hey, I just adore the guy to the hilt. He sees life with much wisdom and optimism than I ever had. He’s like my rainbow-maker. Not that I’m having estrogen overload or anything for being this mushy…but I just want to write something for him because he was the one who gifted me with this blog. One afternoon, he just said that he has a gift that begins with the letter “d”, and like any other girl, i thought it was a pair of “diamond earrings”…only to find out that it was a “domain name”! See, soulmates are so overrated. But you know, my hubby Mike remains to be my one and only fun love.

Hey Mike, I know you think I have some uber romantic song in mind that I will probably dedicate to you on our 50th wedding anniversary; but I am hoping that 10 years with me has warned you that I’m not that kind of girl. Poor you. But, I do hum this song whenever I think of that day in 1997 when the lightning struck that Meralco pole along Katipunan, because I know that what we have is built to last.

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I always knew that my official blog will have the title “la vie en rose” since i am one of those people who happen to love this song which was beautifully written and sung by Edith Piaf in 1946. Many artists recorded a remake of this song such as Audrey Hepburn, Bette Midler, Cyndi Lauper, Celine Dion, etc…but I personally think that their renditions do not come close to Ms. Piaf’s version of this french song which literally translates to “life in pink”. More than my love for the song and my enthusiasm to learn french, I called my blog la vie en rose since hearing it transports me back to the time when I was walking the romantic streets of Paris on my way to fetch my husband from work. I remember taking my own sweet time to get to his office, deliberately getting off the train at Trocadero to order a warm strawberry crepe for myself from the poker-faced, yet charming, crepe man. I would then go running to the nearest bench, making sure that I disturb as many pigeons as possible (I’m such a bad girl), and eat my crepe while gazing at the majestic Eiffel Tower for as long as I can stand the wind chill. Sitting there together with the pigeons, I felt that everything is right with the world. I cannot recall how many times I did this routine; but it must have been a lot since this has become my favorite comfort thought. And so since this blog will be mostly about happy and interesting things in life, I figured I’d name it after my favorite happy thought.

If I got you curious enough with the song, you can watch the videos below. I recommend you watch the French version…nothing beats the original…hehehe!

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