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Canada Living


The close of 2011 brought my family a lot of blessings, one of which is the opportunity for us to buy our very first home in Canada. :)

I was honestly quite worried about initiating the big decision to buy a home because we are new in Canada and we have no idea on how to go about this. Are we even allowed to buy a home in less than a year of settling here?! As it turns out – yes, we were! And what a pleasant surprise this whole adventure turned out to be!

I have an endless list of why I love Canada, but I have to say that their well-regulated real estate market is on top of my list. Canadians made home-buying not just affordable, but more importantly, comfortable. I wasn’t a bit stressed in the entire process and have extremely enjoyed our home buying adventure. :)

So, if you are new here in Canada and wondering what the process is like, please read on… Read more »